February 15, 2016

Install and Configure Munin monitoring server in Linux

Munin is an excellent system monitoring tool similar to RRD tool which will give you ample information about system performance in multiple fronts like disk, network, process, system and users. These are some of the default properties Munin monitors.

How Munin works?

Munin works in a client-server model. Munin server process on main server try to collect data from client daemon which is running locally(Munin can monitor itâss own resources) or from remote client(Munin can monitor hundreds of machines) and displays them in graphs on its web interface.

Configuring Munin in nutshell

This is of two steps as we have to configure both server and client.
1)Install Munin server package and configure it so that it get data from clients.
2)Configure Munin client so that server will connect to client daemon for data collocation.

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