January 26, 2015

Installing the Subrack of OSN 3500

Before install subracks in the cabinet, you may read the following instruction to learn how to install Huawei OSN 3500 subrack into the cabinet correctly.

Installation of Huawei transmission network equipments is very essential. Here express how to install into the cabinet and remove the subrack, follow the procedure of installation into cabinet in the reverse order.

First, you must observe the subrack and ensure that installing position of the mounting ears to match the cabinet, so the Huawei OSN 3500 subrack can be installed into the cabinet by mounting ears which are installed in the holes for the mounting ears of the N63E cabinet. Please note that you must install the subrack in the lower part of the cabinet first, and then install the subrack in the upper part of the cabinet. If only one subrack is required, you may install it in the lower part of the cabinet. In addition, figure 20-3 shows the position of the subrack in the 2200mm-high cabinet.

After guaranteed the position of subrack, then we can install the subrack into the cabinet.

First of all, the subrack must be transported to the site. Secondly, what tools and materials you need to prepare are common tools and panel srews.

Thirdly, installation procedure:

Step 1 Place the subrack along the guide rail and insert it in slowly.

Step 2 Use panel screws to fix the subrack to the front column of the cabinet through the holes on the mounting ears.

Here please note, if multiple subracks share one cabinet, it is recommended that you install the lower subrack before installing the upper subrack.

After finishing the Huawei OSN subrack installation, you may check the following several necessary items. First, you must check that whether the subrack is installed at the correct position, that’ll affect the following installation. Secondly, close the front door of the cabinet and ensure that the subrack does not contact the front door. Thirdly, blank panels are inserted in the idle slots of the subrack.

After checked the installation of subrack, then, you can begin to install boards. 

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