May 16, 2012

IPv6 take up in Linux out pacing Windows in Top Sites

During recent analysis of the Alexa top 1 million websites, I pulled some stats regarding IPv6 enabled sites; with these stats as a basis I created an IPv6 infographic showing the current break down of technologies in use by the IPv6 enabled sites in the top 1 million.

Linux is way ahead of any other operating systems with a significant share of the sites being hosted on Linux platforms with Apache or Nginx as the web server. Microsoft IIS has about 4.5% of the share of IPv6 enabled sites.

Lets dig into that last statistic a little more. In the top 1 million sites 11237 sites were found to have a corresponding AAAA record. That is about 1.1% of the top 1 million.

Of those 11237 sites, 4.5% were running Microsoft IIS; while 72.3% were running Apache and 18.1% were running Nginx, putting these open source web servers way out in front. Maybe the system administrators and web teams that operate open source based servers are more inclined to play with new technologies; or perhaps there is another reason for the significant difference.

Netcraft puts the total number of Microsoft IIS web servers in the top 1 million at about 13%. The primary reason for this slow take up I would speculate is due to Microsoft IIS's predominance in business. Since business will usually only make a change when it is either mandated or there is a financial gain to be made; current rollout and deployments of IPv6 are on hold.

The United States also has a smaller take up of IPv6 enabled sites, much less than many other parts of the world such as Europe and parts of Asia.

For futher findings take a look at the infographic -

Any thoughts or comments on the variation in the deployment of IPv6 are most welcome.



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