July 12, 2009

Journey to Android programming (hell?) Heaven. Part II

Arrrrrrghhh.   I've got past having the basic environment installed.  I've said hello to the world with and without a picture on the screen.  I've run through a tutorial that has me putting little red dot's on a horrendously green background. I've not a clue what in the hell I've done. 

One of the hassles of OOP is that there is a lot of background magic that happens.  Most OOP programmers understand the basics of the incantations.  But can't explain it.   I understand why they can't, because frankly they don't think about how they do it.  They just do it.

It's a lot like walking, or even more so, learning to walk.  As kids we don't have the tools to think about how to walk.  We only have the desire to go upright like all of the other humans around us.  We do it but 'we never actually think about HOW we do it.'   People, whom as an adult, need to relearn walking are often hindered by their increased cranial capacity, as they often spend too much time thinking 'what was it I used to do' instead of just doing it.  

In many ways I'm in that same position.  I'm spending too much time worried about cause and effect of my actions, and too little time just doing it.  I'll admit, like any other Admin out there, I love poking things with sticks and rationalizing the results.  OOP doesn't always behave rationally.  Oh I'm sure that class and the methods it invokes where rationally created, at the time of creation, but for me,  it all still seems irrational, and will continue to be so until I learn how to think like a programmer.

Right now I'm cursing at Eclipse, and ADT.  If I launch the emulator manually with the -scale option I can scale the emulator really nice (fit's my little 4G monitor just fine.  However for the life of me I can't figure out where to put the necesary option into Eclipse 3.5 such so that it passes it to the emulator launch commad.  *sigh*.  You'll know I've got it right when I blog it as a how to for sure.  Until then, OOP's



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