October 30, 2010

KOffice 2.3 beta 3 is out!

KOffice team have released the third beta of the upcoming 2.3 version KOffice suite. According to information on the oproject`s official site,

"Between 2.3 beta 2 and 2.3 beta 3 there have been 443 commits by 29 different authors.


All applications have received bug fixes and improvements. Krita is the application with the biggest team behind it and therefore also the most active one."

The KOffice project is clearly getting more and more usable and with 2.3 release more users will be ready to use it in real-life applications. While 2.2 release was clearly for early adopters this next one will be interesting for much wider audience.

This release provides some important improvements, such as:


  • improved support for reading MS Office documents
  • much-waited KPresenter slide-sorter mode
  • decent track changes support in KWord
Although KOffice lacks some of the functionality (for example, a proper support for tables in word processor) it advances quickly and expands in some areas that are quite new for open-source office tools (for example supporting google docs).


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