February 17, 2016

KVM virtualization: Install KVM hypervisor in Ubuntu/Debian Linux?

woo-hoo..! we are at the practical posts on KVM virtualization now. From this post on words we will see on how to install KVM hypervisor and use it to the maximum with commands as well as GUI tools. Till this point we seen some basics such as..

Let us start with KVM hypervisor in Ubuntu/Debian Linux operating system.

Step1: Before installing KVM(Kernel Virtual machine) hypervisor we have check if our hardware support or not.Click here to know if your hardware support KVM or not.

Step2: If the hardware supports, install KVM virtualization with following command as a normal user.

sudo apt-get install virt-manager ubuntu-virt-server python-vm-builder

What actually the above packages do?

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