August 17, 2010

Large-scale deployment needs a large-scale education

How to teach more than ten thousands teachers with only 3-4 qualified tutors? The tasks looks like to feed the crowd with a fish — you know that story.

And so, unless we have a super-powers, we need to solve this problem directly. There are several ways to do so.

1. Internet-education, using a special distance-courses and e-books. Looks totally ineffective for uninterested people, so it is not good for our goals.

2. Teach a teachers. Another approach, but it takes a long time to train a good teacher.

3. Self-education. A most cheap yet not effective way.

4. Stream education — one teacher for a thousand of people. Well work for the lectures, but not effective on practice.

So, the main problem is a practice, and we are going to solve it using a several layers. The base layer will be the teachers, that have at least personal education in Linux, and  are interested in Linux. The second layer will be the teachers and sysadmins with more training and the third will be the experts.

However, the second layer is not a teachers layer — it will be the tech support layer. Any time the user have a question, he can ask it to the tech support and gain an answer immediately, instead of waiting the teachers or even experts. Thus, the tech support became a really educational element in our project.

P.S. Today we've installed Linux in 35 schools and counting :)

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