November 9, 2009

Linux and the enviornment...

 Well,  here I am. It is 5 pm. It is already dark in my room and I am using my  usb lamp instead of the light.

I  just finished reading about saving energy with Linux. Everything from Powertop to screen savers. There is this really good application called Bootup Manager, which makes sure that everything is running  efficiently  from  the time you boot up to the time you shut  down. That includes updates as well.  You can find it in Synaptic. What I'm  not too clear about as to whether screen savers are needed or not. I'm  sure that some really use alot of energy. But they are really works of art, aren't they?  If you have your  computer shut down automatically  after a  few minutes,   why do you need them. I rarely leave it on. Even if  I have to leave suddenly to  answer  the phone, shuts off by itself (except for the monitor).  I see the green light on, then remember to turn it off. It saves me from having to  worry about shutting it off.  

I really  like the idea that  Ubuntu boots up and shuts  down  quickly. I no sooner press the shut down button, then well it is off. Some might  think that those  few seconds saved aren't much. But  it adds up. If everybody does their bit  to save energy... something  good might come of it.

And  while  I'm at it. Can Youtube  videos be seen on  Linux, do I need any special applications?

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