November 1, 2009

Linux For Life...

Hello. You might have thought about getting a new computer but finds out that you have to pay for most of the software it provides. Thats when Linux should come in! Linux is a free and open source operating system that provides many diffrent flavors and many different free software. Below here is my story of how I heard about Linux and how I got it.


I had an old computer that was bought at 1995 and its HDD capacity was very low. I had a hobby of 3D modeling so I downloaded Blender3D and was looking through the Yafaray website and went to the download page. There I saw Windows,Mac and a weird operating system called Ubuntu Linux. I Google-d it up and found and saw their promise and what Ubuntu truly meant. The whole day I was muttering "FREE! An operating system. FREE!" It took me 120$ to pay for a pirated version of Windows XP and it is useless. So I bought a new Acer Aspire One and put Ubuntu 8.10 Linux and the first time we tried it, it put me into a BusyBox shell for some reason. Then we went to a coffey shop called Linux caffe. And they had supper speed internet so we got the same 8.10 again and this time it worked like a charm. There were some updates that we had to get but I made a stupid mistake and didn't install them! When I went back home I turned it on and wanted to face my book (Facebook) but found out that the network card driver was missing.

I was planing on going back to Linux cafe and install the network driver but on that same day my coffee spilled on my netbook! So I went back to Future Shop and got my very own Acer Aspire 4736Z and I put Ubuntu 9.04. It works except for the microphone and the headphone jack (Output) but other than that it was great! Now I'm upgraded to 9.10 and very happy! You also should get Linux and Ubuntu is not the only choice! There are many more such as openSUSE and Fedora and CentOS Gentoo etc. You're not alone in the world of Linux! There is community support and expert support. And there is much MUCH more.

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