June 24, 2010

Linux Is Power, But Is Linux for Me?


There are many things that Linux is good at, for example Hardware detection and configuration, but as long as the hardware is compatible with Linux and this is the same for other OS. Linux has bug, like other Os has too. Linux can do things very easy... and other OS can too.

So how can I know if Linux is for me and what advantages I have if I choose Linux, well first let's ask what are you looking for.

If you are a developer, so Linux is for you. This is because Linux are compatible with many (I think all) programming languages and the software come with the source code, so you can check it, try it and compile it.

If you are a gamer, then Linux is not for you. Yea, there is wine, but is better to run a game native, regardless of the drivers for the video cards. This same thing apply for the Designers, all the commercial software is better than the GNU software (in the design area) and the best is Photoshop.

But what about the average user... In this case Linux is for you. Ubuntu is a great distribution and a very good option for the average user.

These are just some examples on how Linux can help you and some others where Linux is not the best player. At the end, you have to choose what is best for you and what you can do with your hardware.

Source:Linux Just Work? not for Everyone

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