December 18, 2009

Linux Security Tip-of-the-day: Keep it simple

When using a Linux based operating system and open source / free software you have several tools at your disposal to assist you to accomplish your goals with projects. However you must steady your hand and try to take a minimalistic approach for both management and security reasons. 
Here are some key points that you must remember when working on a your projects. 

  • Each application/tool you use has it's own management functions and security history
  • Each application/tool you use will increase your security exposure by adding it's own vulnerability potential to the whole of the project
  • In most cases each application has it's own configuration file and functions, the functions you disable or enable from one application may conflict with the functions you want from another application.
  • Research the vulnerability history of each application you wish to use to assess the vulnerability potential and to see what type of vulnerabilities are most constant so you can plan ahead.
  • Make sure to read the complete manuals for any application you use, be aware of any potential conflicts and additional options that may fortify or hurt your security 

I know this is basic, but everyone needs a reminder.

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