May 13, 2009 is a model of the community

Today is a very good day for Linux, particularly because we have working again.  I say this not exclusively because it was defacto offline for the last forever:  the old one was ugly.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the articles.  However, if I wanted to send a friend to Linux online I would send them to, not  That's not the case anymore.

 It's not just that looks amazing, though it does.  It's the whole idea of a social community.  Users of Mac and Windows live in a vertical environment:  they send money up and down comes the software.  We live in a horizontal environment:  You have something I want so I take it and modify it and pass the modifications back to you.  Project x needs to implement feature y?  No problem, Project Z has that code and is glad to let you have it.  I think that it's really telling how is a social networking site, unlike the sites for Mac and Windows.  The Guru Points idea is a great one, an idea that embodies Linux's meritocracy, and I can see this easily becoming the go-to place for answers in the future of Linux.  We now have a central point where all users of Linux - regardless of distro - can come together and enjoy the commonality that we have gained by using ethically sound software.

Great job Linux Foundation.  Keep up the good work.

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