October 20, 2009

LinuxPMI: a project with a lot of potential


By my understanding this means that when the project is complete will be able to setup a network of workstations and servers and have them working as a LinuxPMI cluster which would mean that if any of the systems exceeds it processing power, then it can pass the remaining tasks to all other computers in the cluster network to complete the job.  This functionality has amazing potential especially in an office, I can only imagine an office of 100+ workstations using LinuxPMI and the processing power that each and every one of those systems would have at their disposal, including servers that can utilize the workstations for additional processing power.

Right now the project is in an early state since they are taking over were the OpenMosix project ended, but that only gives me a better reason to try to assist with the development.

If you are interested in the progress of this project or would like to join as a developer please visit the website (http://linuxpmi.org) or the #linuxpmi channel on irc.freenode.net, hopefully we can get a good sized developer community built to increase the development speed and make this a reality so much sooner.

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