February 18, 2016

A Look at Linux Lite

A YouTuber I have followed for years just posted a series of videos about the new monster Linux computer he just built. This thing has an eight-core processor. Each core is multi-threaded, so his System Monitor reports 16 cores, mind you. It has 32 GB’s of memory, a video card with two cooling fans and four GBs of dedicated video memory… What a beast! Just like some who loves overpowered sports cars, there are those in the Linux world who get a charge out of having way more computing power than they’d ever really need. It’s cool with me ’cause it takes all kinds to make a Linux ecosystem. Me? I get more of a kick out of taking some old heap that most folks would send off to the recycling center without a second thought and putting it back in service. Linux offers you the ability to do just that and I have been able to build a small network of computers cobbled together from spare parts and cast-offs from client’s machines I’ve repaired or upgraded. (Read the rest)

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