June 2, 2009

Making My own Desktop Manager: The Design


 The idea is that the program launchers are broken into "tags" like:


  • Email / Wave (Webmail/Evolution/Thunderbird..)
  • Social (Built in IM client)
  • Web (built in WebKit browser)
  • Creative (OpenOffice, GIMP..)
  • Terminal (Run command or start terminal)
  • GTD (Todo lists etc...)

Because it is my preference, everything will also have a keyboard shortcut too (Mod+1 shows only windows in first tag, Mod+2 shows only windows in 2nd tag etc.., Mod+Shift+3 include/excludes windows in 3rd tag... you get the idea) - extremely similar to dwm.

The configurable areas on the desktop can run any X11 program. The window manager will launch them, run them with no window decoration, always at the bottom of the screen. The idea is they look like widgets on the desktop. By default they should probably be a Task list and Conky.

I was also thinking about having dialog windows as OSX-like shutters (also seen in Moblin) so they span the entire width of the screen and scroll down like a window-blind..?

NOTE: Prototype icons were part of a font provided by http://www.fontsnthings.com/


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