June 21, 2009

Making my own Desktop Manager: Project Links

I'm having some problems with the blog tool and images at the moment... so the while the mighty Brian Proffitt is taking a look; I'd thought I'd leave you with some progress with the little I have done in the last two weeks... (insert excuses here!)

It's coming along really well, I managed to get a three-grade gradient on the panel with shadows (cairo based with fake shadows at the moment, but once I've incorperated my composite extension into the main branch, they'll be real!)

There are some big bugs to fix before I would suggest anyone have a play like:


  • The ModMask always seems to be returning 1; so pressing Q will quit the WM or Tab will cycle through windows 
  • Handling subwindows.. I am incorrectly identifying top level windows when I configure their size, so firefox menus and thunar panes all try and strech and break :(
  • ButtonPress event never triggers, so I am currently hooking onto ButtonRelease, but that means when you press Mod+Tab in an xterm window, the tab is sent to xterm first.. which does autocomplete before cycling the windows... doh!

I am using the fantastic Redmine for my project management, it can be viewed from here: http://bugs.tommed.co.uk/projects/show/tuxwm.

You can also view the source code from here too. (Although you cannot currently get GIT access to the repository, until I start using GitHub)


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