June 7, 2009

Maybe Roy Rodger's could teach us all something?


I believe that we all lose our cool at one time or another. Myself included, I get aggravated too. If linux is truely to gain a strong foothold on the Desktop then IRC support channels must learn from ROY RODGERS! If you have nothing good to say then don't say don't say anything at all, and I've never met a person I didn't like. Quit with the nastiness~~~!!! for heavens sake. If youre annoyed at someone and you're in a support channel giving support, then just leave and come back when your in better frame of mind or don't bother with those channels if they annoy you that much.

I don't even consider myself in the Windows lay person framework anymore because I'm willing to get my proverbial hands dirty and try to figure out what makes Linux tick. Most Windows users just want click through and it works no more tinkering. It just works.

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