May 20, 2009

Mobiltux says hello world


i am new here and I hope to find peopel to take about linux and mobil devices and cell phones. Since my Sinclar ZX [Long time ago ;-) ] I like littel devices and I dislike this big, bad looking grey box named computer. Something that is possibel to have in a littel pocket and I can use alllways.

Now whith te new Generation of Cell Phones it's really near to them what i had dreamed. But was ist with Open Source Project? I like Symbian-OS, is speedy and where handish, but is not Open Source. Nokia make a something like Maemo OS, something like Google Android to make bussines. Also Linux comes more and more to make bussines. Also to produce devices it's need to have money, se Open Moko, they have Big Problems cause they have  no money.     Is a difficult thing, money and Free Software, but it's need devices for to make free software on it. Time of hacking devices for the possibility to use are finished, know Open Software is accepted.  But what will bring the future? Bussines as usally or Hello  Open World.   


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