July 21, 2009

Moblin4Children: Announce

Have you ever heard about GCompris?

GCompris is an educational software which propose different activities to kids from 2 to 10 years old. (Got from the official web site)

My idea is to investigate the feasibility to run GCompris on Moblin.

The “big idea” behind this activity is to build a Moblin-Based distribution for children.
This means to have also feature like:

  • an "Active Desktop" to access to games and activities
  • internet parental control
  • on-line help tailored for children
  • a very simple learning platform for software developmen
  • a lot of colors !!!!
  • and so on …

I don't want my children grow without using Linux! So, during next months the community will see my progress … or my defeat.

Any idea? Suggestion?

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