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July 19, 2009

More Lessons on Programming in C++ On Emacs (and Dev++)

Yesterday, I posted a blog entry about my initial experiences programming C++ with Emacs on Fedora 11. Well, there is a Windows Vista computer in the house, and occasionally, I have to work on that one. There is a Windows version of Emacs. It runs great but I had problems getting it to compile code using the make -k command. I am a big believer that things should just work without me having to go deep into researching why it's not working. On Linux, C++ programming and compiling with Emacs just works out of the box. I will only settle for solutions that do that on whatever platform I use. The Windows solution that has the same ease of use that I enjoy on Linux with Emacs is Dev++.  Dev++ is an open source software development environment that runs on Windows. It is powerful, intuitive, simple to use, and correctly compiles the C++ code that also compiles on Emacs. Problem solved! Now I can code using Emacs when I'm on my Linux boxes, and code in Dev++ when I'm stuck with a Windows box.

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