June 10, 2010

Mozilla: Apple HTML5 Demos Harm The Open Web

Apple recently launched an HTML5 showcase on its official website with several demos that are intended to highlight some of the advanced Web development capabilities and to say to Adobe "The Standards aren't add-ons, they are the web".

At this point everything is cool, the problem is, they only made the web site for Safari. According to the words of Chris Blizzard, Mozilla Evangelist say:

Apple's messaging is clearly meant to say 'hey, we love the web' but the actual demos they have and the fact that actively block other browsers from those demos don't match their messaging. It's not intellectually honest at all. HTML5 is in a dangerous place since everyone wants to own it, but everyone is in a different place in terms of support or even what it means. I can’t promise what other organizations will do, but I can at least say what I will do in the future. At Mozilla, intellectual honesty matters and it matters to me personally. So I don’t think you’ll see us do things like this in the future.

In my humble opinion, both are right. The HTML5 is a new web standard and has a standard need to be open source, but on the other hand Apple can make a web site and show it to anyone hi want... Well, that's my two cents, what do you think?

Source: Christopher Blizzard Personal Blog

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