August 31, 2011

My linux diary!!

How to save youtube without any external software!!!
First make sure that the video you want to download is open in the browser(i have tried this with firefox and chrome)
Doing this in firefox is rather can be copied from the browser cache!! it is present in the home directory /home/user_name/.mozilla/firefox/(random_text).default/cache/ and then use find(search for .flv) to get the flash video!!
But in chrome its kinda earlier versions of flash players the vids used to be stored in the /tmp folder..but not anymore with the release of version 10.2 of  Adobe flash !!
anyways it can still be achieved
First open good ol' terminal and type either “lsof | grep Flash” or “ps x | grep flash”
The first command will give an output similar to the following

here you can see the process is “chrome” an the process ID (PID) is 4299 and the fd number is 33
now navigate to the file by typing
“cd /proc/process ID(the number)/fd(only fd not the value)”
here process id is 4299
now copy the file with fd 33 onto te desktop or the required destination with the command
“cp fd number /home/username/Desktop”
Thats now have the file!! it is better to do this after the whole video has buffered to get the whole video!!
Now coming to the second command
Open the terminal again and type
“ps x | grep flash”
the output will be similar to this

here you can see the results..the first one uses that is what we shall be using now!!
here u see only the PID this case 4299
so we need to navigate to that folder
“cd /proc/process id number/fd”
here the command would be “cd /proc/4299/fd”
now list the directory and grep the flash file
“ls -l | grep Flash”

the output will be similar to the one you can see that the fd 33 points to the deleted flashfile
in the tmp folder..this is the required file...copy it to the required destination!!!

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