August 19, 2009

My wearable computer rig this far.


I've spent some time building a case for my beagleboard, the main unit of my wearable computer. Here's a pic of the whole system now.

 The case is made of plexiglass, and I don't really have much else to say about it, except that it nicely shields the sd-card now.

 That rectractable usb is going to be my powercord, I'll connect it to some NiMH batteries somehow soon.

I'll get retractable speaker/microphone. I'll get 4 retractable USB cords for my hub too, I like those things, less wirs hanging around me.

 Batteries are selected, I'll be making them soon. Also I kind of know how I'll have to carry this thing for now. I'll be reporting someday about those.

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