June 6, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch

  Just call me a glutton for punishment,

        :) I've been working hard all day, finally I got past the issues with gcc and glibc and and got a little bit cocky, and was blowing through the additional files when reality came crashing down. I was almost to the end of the utilities when I realized that I was not checking the patches in the source directory against the ones listed in the manual, there were extra patches that were not mentioned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy moley. :(

          I backed up and since I'd already removed source and build directories I figured that the new installs would just stomp on the first installs . Well I've gotten as far as Perl 5.28.1 and I'm running into file permission issues. Well I've been at this all day time to quit for now.  Seems like I'm an accident waiting to happen.............. 

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