June 7, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch

 At it again this morning,

   Well, I finally got to the finish of the temporary system, I think the strip is what got me though, didn't totally understand what went on there. I'm chrooted to root and making file systems got as far as reinstalling the linux headers and wham !!! ERROR 1 ,ERROR 2   there's a script problem... My first instinct is that the strip command killed my scripts as there was a comment about being careful.

   NEWB goofs up again... 

Actually after finding out that some of the errors I was getting during the installs of glibc, tcl, expect were to be expected, the rest of the temp system install went rather easy.

 I also located a new ccache system which works faster with gcc it's specifically built for use with gcc "cachecc1" I'll install it and see what I shall see. 

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