June 8, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


I got a bit lucky for a change the /tmp file was as suspected and once I rebooted the program installed fine. I was told in a chat that I could have also went into the /tmp directory and just deleted files as well. I just wanted to be sure.

I had another problem with glibc something to do with unable to determine file suffix??? http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/stages-stop-and-re...

I followed that step by step and low and behold , glibc installed fine.

 yeah, itstalled fine but I forgot to mount the proc file system and got error 1

error 2 and a fd/63 error.. went back and fixed it and found out that ccache will not work because  it doesn't support "ccache gcc" when running on glibc  probably won't be able to use on any package

I will try and let you know 

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