May 25, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


    I'm back again..... I've been fully involved with the Holiday weekend and between reading the users' guide and learning about my computer hardware I haven't gotten much sleep. I've been told to learn by doing so I've been trying alot of things trying to know, what I'm doing, I 've frustrated myself trying to get different commands to do what I wanted them to do. Like put a simple line in a file instead of opening vi for one line, could have done it on vi in a few seconds but wouldn't learn anything.  So I guess you could say that I'm learning:" Instead of saying  just the commandline equivilent to "daddy" . I can now say "daddy I'm hungry"LOL... maybe someday soon I'll be able to say a whole paragraph.  I stayed up late trying to get the partitions ready for install on my Dell and I guess I stayed up too late, It was 2:00am and I inadvertently did mke2fs -j /dev/hdb3 /mnt/LFS and kill my whole ntfs partition filled with lots of hard work :((. I had an issue with the "order" of the partitions in fdisk. I deleted all the partitions on my drive but the ntfs partition. It was hdb2(on the hard drive it was the last blocks of the drive from like 15-30.... well when I added my first primary partition, It became hdb1, added swap that got put to hdb3 and root on hdb4 when I tried to mount hdb1 to make dir boot I was told device was busy. Ok, so I did like windows and rebooted and restarted fdisk thinking this would fix my problem. NO such luck... I found my solution   the x gave me expert mode LOL. yeah right.. anyway there was a command for correcting the order. I did and rebooted and it worked. All happy that I finally got it fixed when I went to make the linux file system I used the old drive partition numbers and wham!!! hdb2 was no longer 2 it was now 4 and I just formatted my ntfs partition .. just as I hit the enter key , I knew what I had just done!!! lost 150 gigs of important data :(( Learned a very valueable lesson "ALWAYS CHECK COMMAND LINE SYNTAX" !!! think about what you are trying to do and what the command line is saying to do, they can be two entirely diffent things. This was one of my main problems with LFS in the first place. That and the fact that I keep getting lost in the directory tree forgetting where I am at.

 After my experience with the  MSI board , I'm now on a Dell board made by Foxconn , it's an old Pentium4 system 845G chipset, with both and intel 8025 ethernet and the 3com 3x905 card. I've got all the info about this board. I learned about  "lsmod"and "lspci" to list the installed modules and hardware, One thing I've yet to figure out is if on the left side of the list I have 105 modules listed and maybe only 20  on the right side are all the ones listed really needed, or is it just the ones on the right?


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