June 10, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch

Hello again,

  Anyone who's been reading my blog the past couple of days know's I've been sick, I've got an ear infection that's making my world litterally "spin" as bad as any drunk I've ever been on.  I would say now that continuing to build LFS while in this condition , I've been at somewhat of a disadvantage as it was more than I could handle when I wasn't sick.  Needless to say, I 've missed installing something. I backed up my install then deleted the "tools" dir then tried to make mrproper on the kernel and nothing doing command not found. I checked that I had all file systems mounted as directed. and checked my "$PATH" and nope........ I screwed the pooch again.  As I had already made up my mind to install LFS at least 3 times that upon completion anyways. I'm going to build the temp system and save that, so I won't have to go entirely from scratch again and start from there.

 P.S. You know you're in trouble when you try to type the chroot commands and can't even get that right after three tries you have to paste , it's time to hang it up for the night. 

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