June 15, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch

 Back again,

 Working hard at it today. As you know if you're following along. I just started over.  Since I had all the temp tools already built, I extracted them into the tools directory in /mnt/lfs...........oops.... I saved this tarball as /mnt/lfs now I've got /mnt/lfs/mnt/lfs/tools ..LOL .  rm -rvf to the rescue :)  cd to / and try again. Ok now it's right. I extracted with tar -xvpjf as this was a bz2 file. Not knowing where to start exactly , I want to avoid yet another mishap so I 'm going back to installing partitions and as I breeze thru I remember that I have to chown a+wt $LFS/sources.  I've already copied my backup of the sources to $LFS/sources. I make sure that I've got everything right echo $LFS.  Then make a link between tools and root on the cd I think  ln -s  $LFS/tools /


groupadd lfs
useradd -s /bin/bash -g lfs -m -k /dev/null lfs

then add the passwd for lfs

then chown -v lfs  $LFS/tools

and chown -v lfs   $LFS/sources

also change to lfs   su - lfs

setup my environment as in the manual ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc and source ~/.bash_profile

this may be overkill but I want to make sure everything is right

I'm not sure about "stripping" because I don't know if it 's me or the command so for safety sake I'll skip this part.

now i have to change ownership as I did before I saved the tarball but I have to do this as root???

I'm guessing here but I think I exit the lfs user shell and open a new shell as root, then  LFS=/mnt/lfs , export LFS  echo $LFS and yes LFS  is /mnt/lfs


just to be sure  chown -R root:root $LFS/tools then I did ls -al to check and yes tools is owner root, It happened so fast I'm cd to tools and check the files inside to make sure they are root too.  Yep all root ownership.

then I continue step by step with virtual kernel file systems and follow the book as each step is outlined from here on I think :D


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