June 21, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


   I've actually gotten  to the end of the build, They point out that their are a few programs I'll probably need if I wish to build BLFS.

  I've decided to try and reboot. Now there seems to be some confusion. As I built Gentoo there was no need to install a second "grub" on the partition where Gentoo was installed. My primary install 's "grub" worked fine all I did was edit the menu.lst and bingo I was up and running. It took some extra reading but I got it working. This time I try to reboot LFS and I get Error 15  file not found.

 I start with Google and it states that their was no issue finding the drive that the configuration is right , however a file is named wrong or missing? First thing comes to mind is boot to a command line in grub. So I do and try different drives, there is an issue of knowing which is which before booting so I do both hda and sda and no luck then their is the issue of real_root or root?

I'm recompiling the kernel to be sure, as I check that it was there, don't know what size it should be but 3.2 megs seems small. Checked for typo's as well there were none

LFS wanted me to install grub in the manual then later they want parts installed on the drive. I see no reason at this point , however that may be the missing file. As this boot partition has a System.map and other files Gentoo did not have.


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