May 26, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


          Maybe I should be calling this NEWB's misadventures in LFS??? :) as you may recall, I crushed 150 gigs of media files a few days ago. Late last night somehow I did something that screwed the pooch on my first partition of my second physical hard drive. I was installing and got some i/o errors about a zip driive but the grub installer said no errors finiished or something or other. Don't recall the exact words. To make matters worse, when I tried to umount the drives I did the shorter path first and when I got to the longer path it wouldn't umount . So like a dummy I did a reboot by ctrl ,alt,del and guess what ?? file system unrecognized. Did fsck.ext2 and still no luck , tried to figure out tune2fs and couldn't understand the man page on that one ..... couldn't get the syntax right. I googled it and many people had the same issues yet I couldn't see anything they were trying that worked so ... just call me "Duke Nuke'm"

        Reinstall yet again, what is this the 3 or 4th time? so that makes 11 tries?now??? sado machism???? LOL

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