June 2, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


    Well, I 've installed grub on a hard disk, compiled a few kernels. I feel like I'm learning but not at the clip I 'd like. It's been approximately 30 odd days and I've tried a few distro's . One thing is for sure, I understand that "sudo" is a great way to improve the security on your system. However, having it installed on the machine I'm compiling programs on has been annoying. Just so you understand I've been building in a terminal on my Crunchbang linux box and sudo this sudo that is annoying.  I'm sure that there's a way around this , maybe makeing a dir with me as the group and usr, then going into that directory and changing to the user then running the programs, I don't know guess I'll have to try something.

   I  continuing progress on my Linux user's guide reading. Having a difficult time with Shell Scripting. I've only got a couple of chapters, but I see already it 's a very important part of admin on linux machines. I also notice another program called Python that' s similar they say. Curious about that one. I'm sure I'll be posting about bash scripts on the Forums. Hope to meet you there.

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