June 5, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch


 I'm back again on the same day figured out a way during playing with compiling kernels and it worked well there so I thought you'd like to know about it for LFS use. It's called "ccache" and I installed it by passing the --prefix=/tools option during ./configure and it installed in the /tools/bin dir.

  I impressed myself :))

I  got so brave that I tried some options while compiling binutils and gcc and glibc although not advised. Guess what?  while running "make test" on expect I got wierd errors .  Couldn't get a quick answer on the IRC lfs-support chat .I've removed all the contents of my tools directory.  Now , I'm starting over. All along I've removed my source and build directories so that was no issue. 

 ccache installed easily and I've started with binutils . 

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