October 17, 2009

NiHao Home Desktop User Troubleshooter QA Blog

This blog is a simple FAQ and Troubleshooter blog for the Linux users that have downloaded and / or installed the NiHao Home Desktop Live Cd.

Myself; Grant K, of NiHao Studios will post known bugs here and workarounds as well as recieve questions from other Linux.com users regarding the NiHao Home Desktop Live Cd.

- A short historical account regarding the background of NiHao Studios.

Nihao Studios was created in 2002 by a team of teachers, and programmers while on their big OE in China.

It started small with the development of language learning software solutions for universities and colleges in and around Fujian Province.

Then later over coffees discussions were based around RPG gaming in China and the "Metaverse" (as written about in the book "SnowCrash" by Neal Stephenson [1]) and how these elements could improve the students ability to acquire new languages and / or skills.

The idea that gaming, education, and a better overall internet user system could be developed prompted allot of what is known today as NiHao World.

The first step was the building of the 3d world in which all of what we considered to be worthy of keeping from the internet of today could be housed. This project still and always will be in development is known as NiHao 3d. [2]

Then the NiHao Studios team went onto developing a CMS Portal Named NiHao People [3] based upon the Boonex Dolphin [4] CMS Script. 

Shortly after completing a running build of Dolphin on the NiHao servers the NiHao Studios team worked in conjunction with Intel(TM)[5] within the confines of the Intel Software Partner Program to aide in the development and testing of the then new release of Moblin [6].

It was after gaining Linux experience with Moblin that the final part of the NiHao set of software packages that is to become the NiHao rendition of Neal Stephenson's Metaverse began its existance with the NiHao Home Desktop [7].

It was ofcourse natural that a 3d world, a community portal, and moblin tools be based in the world's best operating systems - without saying more than needs to be said - Linux systems.

So we started out with a openSUSE [8] base, and developed our first release; the Home Desktop, and then went on to develop the Gamer edition, and finally the Server SDM suites.

It is the NiHao Gamer edition that will encompass all of the NiHao Empire products and software packages for it was with the "Metaverse"  (see[1]) in mind that all of the above story came to be and eos2 Gamer will be its host and base.

It is an enormously big project to build Neal Stephenson's Metaverse and I wonder if we will ever achieve it. Being said we are however enjoying the task whether it be fruitful or just another great Linux build.

We do welcome like minded folk to join our team whether it be for scripting or other. Its an impossible task but its a happy road.

I hope all that try the Nihao Systems and other software entities created by the NiHao Studios team find enjoyment within our creations, and do freely give feedback either here or at the NiHao sites.

Our motto "For the People, by the People" being similar with that of the Linux Foundation's  "For the Community, by the Community" ecompasses all that NiHao is....

We started as a scrabbly bunch of tourists meeting by chance in China and are now the Grandfathers of the China experience, and have been helping China develop since then by the works of our own hands.

We believe strongly in contribution and callaboration, and ask our users to follow the same simple principles belonging to the world of Linux.

For comments, bug reports, help requests, and general chatter please feel (GNU-GPL) free to add to this post :) 

Link List:

Link [1]: Wikipedia - SnowCrash, book by Neal Stephenson. 

Link [2]: NiHao 3d website.

Link [3]: NiHao People website.

Link [4]: Boonex Dolphin website.

Link [5]: Intel Corporation website.

Link [6]: Moblin.org website.

Link [7]: eOS2.org website.

Link [8]:  openSUSE.org website.

Grant K of NiHao Studios

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