May 12, 2009

NOOB's adventures in Linux From Scratch.


   My name is Robert Cox , I'm a Linux newbie. I've got some windows experience. I've built a few computers, I've installed a few Linux distributions and many windows versions.

 My main goal is to learn how linux works.

 This is to be the documentation of my efforts to build Linux from Scratch.

  As I am a newbie, without a technical background.  I feel that my point of view will be from a new " angle"  the dummy "angle" LOL. Therefore I feel that my input would be very useful to any  newbie attempting this endevor. 

 First and foremost , I will write this blog as I read the information given and document all my problems and errors that I face and how they were resolved.

 Let me just say that I believe my biggest test will be in learning to understand the bash shell and the language it uses and reading and interpreting the errors that are displayed during configuring, compiling and installing the different programs in LFS.

Next blog - Prerequisites, Since I'm a newbie I'm not even ready to start yet I have to drop back and get myself ready to go.


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