May 13, 2009

NOOB's adventures in Linux From Scratch

I've played around with Linux a bit in the past, edited files and even compiled a few kernels with step by step hand holding but nothing puts the fear of God into me like the Linux Shell....

In the following chapters of the Linux User's Guide they're covering some of the commands of the Unix Shell../Linux Bash default shell. { I think I hear whispering in the background, no that's laughing... somebodies been watching me at the command prompt} Let's just say that I'm bash shell challenged and leave it at that :)

This is my second or maybe third time that I've read a User's guide where Linux commands are explained. I can only tell you from my own limited experience that precision is required. I would go on to tell you that make sure you comprehend not just read what you are learning in this part of the book because it will save you alot of aggravation in the long run. I personally would like to see some exercises added like in a math text book where you are given a problem and you have to solve it then you could go look up the answer and how the author came about getting it. I'd feel more pripaired

Shell scripts are going to be used in the LFS build, when the errors occur and believe me at one point or another they will.... the fine folks on the mailing list and the LFS support irc site will want you to know enough about what you are seeing, as you look through log files that you can decipher enough to properly select the error in that file so you can send it to them without sending the whole file.

I've read the whole section and I feel ill - pre-paired to do almost anything other than copy some files and move around in the file system.. I'm going to look ahead in this book and see what they have in store ..

  Ok, I don't understand the reason, but mine is not to question why.... leaving the Shell for now... next time we'll be peekin' into  X windows they take us back to the shell later in the book ;)



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