May 19, 2009

NOOB's adventures in Linux From Scratch

 Hello again,

   Today has been a wonderful day. I was looking for a kinda recipe for the command line. No one was able to help me. I would ask around chats and they'd say read the man pages. All fine and good if you know what you're looking at but man pages have always been very cryptic for me. Info pages seem a bit better but I need nuts and bolts and I guess I really couldn't get to the core of what I needed. Then a gentleman who overheard me on IRC complain about a user's guide.. pointed me to ... At first I was a bit conserned I'd been had as this page was extracting :O But what soon followed was pure pleasure.

   Here , I'd found what I was looking for, ( I think ) I could read it. I didn't need a scientific dictionary , I didn't feel like a total fool . It's wonderfully written. The Author goes on to state that he would like you to have a Redhat "like" or debian "like" distribution installed so if he ask you can have available the program to use.

   then he put me right at ease by saying:

Any system reference will require you to read it at least three times before you get a reasonable picture of what to do. If you need to read it more than three times, then there is probably some other information that you really should be reading first. If you are reading a document only once, then you are being too impatient with yourself.

Next , I get a really big smile when I read :

The LPI and RHCE are two certifications that introduce you to LINUX. This book covers far more than both these two certifications in most places, but occasionally leaves out minor items as an exercise. It certainly covers in excess of what you need to know to pass both these certifications.

  Wow, not only do I feel like I'm learning alot and even understanding man pages now that before I started this book didn't have a clue , man pages overwhelmed me. I even am beginning to feel comfortable with the command line.

   I might even qualify for some certifications that weren't my primary objective.

   Right now I'm reading mostly man pages as an exercise , mostly from coreutils and reviewing many of the primary commands.

Think it's been 12 days or so since I decided to try and build LFS... right now it's not looking like it's going to be as long a journey as I once thought. 

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