May 15, 2009

Novice user of obvious choice.

I started using Linux back in around 1998and have been rather stuck ever since. In the start it was har and i jumped back and forth between Linux and Windows but one day i decided to learn this "new" (to me) system so i through out Windows all together and started to use Linux 100%. Ever since that day i've been stuck. Most of the people in my surrounding are using systems like Windows and MacosX which makes it rather hard for me. I see Linux as such a natural choice that its hard to even perform everyday tasks such as bank-errands online using e-identification, sending office-documents to people (allways have to think about converting them to .doc or .pdf documents for them to be able to read them) and so on.

I am no guru on Linux really. I like to contribute with what i can, i use linux 100% and i like to learn. Its just fun to see how quickly Linux (even though some ignorant people say Linux cant do everything other popular systems can) can become the only natural choice.

It's been quite some time since i stopped arguing with people on why to use Linux or not. Its up to ever person to use the system they feel is the best choice for them. However, i would wish that more people would have the guts to actually try out new systems. If it is Linux or some BSD-system or MacosX or what ever, doesn't matter. Its a fun experience and it can change quite a lot.


Oh well, now i've written quite a few rows about nothing special at all. Feels like i stole a part of your life with nonsens :-)


Take care!

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