June 15, 2010

ohloh - where users meets developers

Maybe you have heard about an site called „ohloh“. Ohloh is a plattform from the Company behind Sourceforge (GeekNet, Inc.). The Idea behind Ohloh is to create a space (social network) who users can meet developers.

From Users point of view, a User can visit all Projectsites inside ohloh and he can talk with the developers. The User can vote on an Projectsite for an Project, so everyone can see, you like this Project. The ohloh User can give or recieve Kudos. You can place messages to the project, or the other users.

If you’re a Project leader, you can add your Profile to ohloh. Then you can manage releaseplanning with our ohloh, You can give or recieve Kudos from other in the ohloh Network. If you ohloh let know where the Source is, he makes analysis from the Sourcecode. You can see where commits things in your Source or who has made the last commit. The codebase history informs about the amount of activity for each project. Software stacks (list of software applications used by Ohloh’s members) and tags are used to calculate the similarity between projects. Ohloh also offers an download service.

Contributor statistics are also available, measuring open source developers’ experience as observable in code committed to revision control repositories. Social network features (kudos) have been introduced to allow users to rank open source contributors. A KudoRank for each user and open source contributor on a scale of 1 to 10 is automatically extracted from all kudos in the system. The idea of measuring open source developers’ skills and productivity on the basis of commit statistics or mutual rating has received mixed reactions in technology blogs.

You’re now invited to visit the Site. Enjoy it…

For more: http://www.ohloh.net

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