December 26, 2011

Open Source Think Assistant

The key to intelligence must be memory. It would then be a good idea if one could use a computer program to aid the human rather low memory capacity in a simple yet powerful way. The program I had in mind is a simple add to existing open source FreeMind type programs. To expand and structure your thought process you could choose from a drop down list of certain keywords or sentences that progresses the solution further to a new innovative product or answer in a textbook exercise. The keywords and sentences come from different areas like physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics and more. They can describe useful reasons for solving the problem. You should also be able view examples where the key reasons are used so to compare them with your problem. I would like the program to be modular so that the community can add and collaborate new reasons to existing areas or create new areas. Apart from importing the modules in an open format maybe it would be good to have an HTML export function. Like Bookmarks in Firefox. In education you could use these kind of programs to solve exercises in a more structured way. In innovation or problem solving you can easily expand your imagination by trying key sentences like already written perspectives from different areas otherwise missed. Further you could expand the program to include crowd sourcing whereby sharing the problem sheet with others gives you answers to reasons you know are valid but have not yet come up with an answer to yet.

The idea is meant for GPL licensed or for Free and Open Source Software to aid small innovation and education.

Idea by Per Lindholm

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