December 3, 2009

Opengear Joins OSSI's Efforts to Expand Secure Open Source Network Communications within Federal Computing Environments



Opengear Sponsors Extension of the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module FIPS

140-2 validation to ARM Processors


SANDY, UT –  December 3, 2009 - Opengear ( today

announced it has joined the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) and

will work to contribute software that will expand the use of safe,

secure computing protocols in Federal computing environments. As a

part of Opengear’s commitment to open source, Opengear has extended

the OpenSSL cryptographic module – for the first time making it FIPS

140-2 compliant for ARM–based processors.


The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a non-profit organization

dedicated to the promotion and implementation of open source solutions

within U.S. federal, state and municipal government agencies and

academic entities. As a part of its charter, OSSI works with

representatives of the U.S. government, IT industry and Open Source

Community to maintain and support open source projects such as



By joining OSSI:

•       Opengear Chairman Bob Waldie will become a board member of the Open

Source Software Institute.

•       Opengear’s full line of ARM-powered console servers and power

management solutions will be FIPS compliant.


Opengear has previously partnered with OSSI and the OpenSSL project to

sponsor an extension of the existing OpenSSL FIPS Object Module v1.2

validation (certificate #1051) that enables, for the first time, that

open source cryptographic module to meet the FIPS 140-2  standards for

ARM processors.  The OpenSSL project is a collaborative effort to

develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and open source

toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and

Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength

general purpose cryptography library.


Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are standards created

by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for

Federal computer systems. These standards and guidelines are issued by

NIST for use government-wide. NIST develops FIPS when there are

compelling Federal government requirements such as for security and

interoperability and there are no acceptable industry standards or

solutions.  FIPS 140-2 is a standard specific to cryptographic



“Opengear is a recognized leader in the software security industry and

has made a major contribution to the open source community through

their efforts to secure the modification to allow the FIPS validated

OpenSSL module to be compliant for ARM processors,” said John

Weathersby, OSSI executive director.  “We welcome Opengear as a member

of the organization and look forward to their active participation in

promoting the adoption of open source throughout government and

industry IT environments.”  Weathersby added that a representative

from Opengear has agreed to join the OSSI advisory board and will help

lead a special Open Source Security Working Group which will

officially launch at the organization's annual meeting in December.


"Opengear has a long tradition of working with various organizations

and people in the open source community to help spread the use of open

source software,” said Bob Waldie, founder of Opengear. “The FIPS

validated OpenSSL is an example of industry, government and community

working together to produce and maintain certified security components

for all to use.”


About Opengear

Opengear ( designs and manufactures

next-generation console server, power management and kvm over ip

solutions for secure remote access and control of infrastructure.

Opengear console servers are installed in more than 10,000 locations

around the world. Opengear's open source platform gives network

managers and system integrators the most flexible, extensible, console

server solution on the market today for serial console ports, service

processors, power solutions and environmental monitoring.



About the Open Source Software Institute

OSSI ( is a US-based, non-profit organization

whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open

source software solutions within US federal, state and local

government entities.  OSSI has worked with members of the US

Government, industry sponsors and the core OpenSSL development team to

secure and maintain a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS

140-2) validated version of the popular OpenSSL cryptographic module.




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