September 5, 2010

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 139 is out!

We are pleased to announce our new Issue 139 of openSUSE Weekly News.

This Week:

  • Jos Poortvliet: Strategy sucks
  • Rares Aioanei: openSUSE kernel news - 04.09.2010
  • IBM developer Works/Roderick W. Smith: Resizing Linux partitions, Part2: Advanced rezising
  • openSUSE Forums: Google Video/Chat Plugin
  • KDE News/Sebastian Kügler: Help Test the Next Generation of KDE's Kontact



Like ever we have now finshed just the english Version under: From now on starts the translating Process. You can see the actual results under: If any Translation is ready the Translation Team moves the Language up to "Available".


No we hope you enjoy the reading :-)


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