April 17, 2015

Percona Toolkit

Percona is an open source software company specializing in MySQL Support, Consulting, Managed Services, and Training. 

We use Percona MySQL for our production database and we written wrapper over Percona Xtrabackup utility for hotbackups(Full + Differential backups with slave position capture) for production database backup.

Recently we started using Percona Toolkit and we found it useful for MySQL administration.

How to instal it ?

wget  Percona.com/get/Percona-toolkit.tar.gz
wget  Percona.com/get/Percona-toolkit.rpm
wget  Percona.com/get/Percona-toolkit.deb

How to get started with Percona Toolkit :- Percona Toolkit have good documentation for how to use it , below is the link


Note:- Please read Percona Toolkit documentation before using it on Production environment.

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