May 13, 2009

A Personal Introduction

Congrats to on the new look.

I'm a newcomer to Linux, having switched from Windows XP to Ubuntu 8.10 on my home computer last December (2008).  Up until a few years ago all of my adult life had been focused on theology and ministry (I'm 34 now ), but lately I've shifted focus to technology, programming and web developing. 

While I don't regret any good I did before and I am glad to still be counted as an ordained clergy person engaged in ministry, the way forward is going to be different.  I wish I had gotten involved in computer science earlier in life, but if wishes were horses I'd have a stampede.

Having used Windows for so many years and Macintosh at my most recent job with a startup company in New York (as the customer service rep), I appreciate Linux for everything it offers and for how it feeds my geeky need to play around with the mechanics of how my computer operates.  In general, the open source philosophy embraced by Linux is one that appeals to my interest in promoting low-cost software solutions for developing countries.

 As I mentioned above, I am in the early phases of learning my way around.  To give you an idea, I'm in the process of gaining a mastery of the fundamentals of html, css (coming along well) and JavaScript.  I am also working through some Python tutorials.  Although I've played around with Ruby and like it, I prefer Python. 

 Consider that a brief intro to who I am and where I'm coming from.  My regular blog can be found at Igneous Quill and I show up from time to time on the Ubuntu forums.   

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