May 28, 2009

Preparing our mind for a Free Software Cloud World

I was reading in some many spanish blogs, my native language, about the the potential risk of move open source and all kind of software to the "cloud computing", because we will not have control of the software running our personal data. Cloud computing exits from the Webmail birth times, but all the major activity with a computer are going to that. What i tell it's obvious, but not at all.

Ubuntu One, from my point of view is an interesting way to the cloud computing in our free world. Not because of the easy way that UO offer the resources, because of, this kind of paradigm shift that the service provide. But "cloud computing collective thoughts" in our community are reflecting another serious tips to analyze. For some projects are critical to keep alive the open source software stack, and for others are just a "responsability and commitement reduction", convenient way to avoid innovation. 

As Fedora Ambassador in the past, i have a beautiful experience around the community specially in Latinamerica, my birthland. But with the new Red Hat President, talking last weeks ago about the "non interest of Red Hat Inc. for a Fedora Desktop as a goal, because of the future of the Linux Desktop in Cloud Computing", makes me think, that this is a wrong vision around the need to get a "perfect desktop". 

 If it is the case, in the Red Hat point of view, theres no need to improve anything, in exception, that makes u earn money. This is not the spirit of Open Source commitement. Take Fedora just as a "test bank", giving away the need to improve the desktop, despiting the potential leadership that Red Hat community had in the past, its a pity so far. But what is the connection of "Cloud Computing" with the "Perfect Desktop"?, Red Hat must "recycle" their Desktop view, and become more responsible with their community, helping improve the desktop, more than compile the last GNOME and KDE version. 

The backbone

Even thought the desktop as we know today, dissapears and becomes a "frame buffer on line",what kind of Cloud Desktop we will use?. If we dont work all together to improve desktop experience, Privative Desktop will rule the future of clod computing and control or freedom will happen on desktop. 

Will be enough time to start a "Free Clound Computing Software Movement", but in this case, the copyfight will be mixed with Personal Data Storage Rights, but this is a track out of scope today. 

Let's help to Linux platform community to improve the desktop experience, cause, i supposa that all of us want a floss cloud desktop standard in the future. 


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