August 13, 2009

Progress is in progress, please wait.

So, here I'm again.

My progress goes something like this: 

Beagleboard, it just works. Currenty I don't have any worthwhile distribution running on it, so I can only test my glasses with the test colorscreen. I have a pic, if you wait for a while I'll update this blogpost with some pictures later today. I'll add more to my profile albums later. Beagleboard only needs a case to be ready. 

Display, a bit of black tape and a drop of glue to be ready. Or maybe it doesn't even need tape at all. It's already taped to my sunglasses. It looks somewhat ugly, because it has that special yellow and green striped tape. It definitely should be black for covertness. Yes, if you didn't know, my HMD will be a covert model inside of my sunglasses. I have worn it already and it totally works.

Beagleboard case, I have an idea I'll try. I'll tell about it later. 

Carrying solution, I have only thought about it. If someone know anything better than a casebelt where BeagleBoard and a full USB-hub would fit, please  comment.

 Batteries, I want enough to run my system for 24h, if possible and I'd prefer it would be hot-swappable. I don't know enough of these, but I'll consult someone who does...

 Keyboard is a zombie. It barely lives, but it's digging through the ground. Windows sees it now as USB-device that malfunctions or needs a driver. Lsusb does not see it, but dmesg sees something now. I'm getting optimistic about it again.

 First I'll tackle the display. I'll go and buy that black tape from somewhere and also some good glue, and if possible I'll finish it today.

Second, I'll build that case for the Beagleboard And maybe look at that keyboard again.

Third I'll  try to get the carrying problem solved.A fannybag is no solution, backpack is a lot worse than that. Also no messenger bags either. I want something like Casebelt. Something that I'm wearing, not just something that' hanging from me, or something awfully bulky. I really am not going for the fannybag route.

Fourth I'll get the batteries done.

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