August 26, 2009

Projects for New Linux Users "Yes" or "No"

Hello all!

            Well first I wanted to start off by telling you a little bit about myself.  My name Is Travon and I’m new to the world of Linux. I wouldn’t call myself a complete beginner because I’ve messed around with Linux for a few years now. When I say messed around with it I mean, I’ve done research on it, downloaded a few different distros, installed them and played around inside of them but nothing really serious. It wasn’t until last month when my friend who’s in school for web design said, how could I get away from Godaddy’s hosting and still get my website on the internet. So here I am, I had a reason and now I want more. Security, Scripting, DNS, Administration, my own server at home doing just about anything I want it to, embracing the power of Linux.


            I would like to start a group for new Linux users like myself, but first wanted to get your feed back on what you think about the group. What it will consist of is short projects for new Linux users. An example would be : Set up an Apache Web Server that will display an e107 page on port 443 and xoops page on port 80. The projects could be simple or challenging anything that you can think of to do with Linux, anything to fuel us “newbies”. Now the group wouldn’t be a place you’re being taught, yeah I’m pretty sure the guru’s are going to be here to support questions, but this is more of a self taught thing.  The projects are just to give you a place to start at, it’s up to you to find out how to do it.


            The reason behind this group is, new people like myself get Linux, use it a little but then don’t really have anything to keep them going. There’s no fuel to really feed their desire to learn about Linux because they have no real purpose for it, expect I want to try Linux out. That’s one of the reason I never took Linux serious the first time I installed it. It was cool, it looked nice but I didn’t really know where to start.


            What people can get out of this group? Well in my eye’s its endless because you might find a project that drives you to learn something else then that pushes you to learn the next thing and before you know it you’re writing your own scripts setting up servers for companies! Ok well maybe not but you get the point :D It’ll get you familiar with command line and the commands, it really is endless.


            So to conclude this, if you think this group is a good idea leave your feed back. Pros/Cons, Idea’s, suggestions anything you feel would be good for the group.

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