May 2, 2010

questions, questions...

 I have just been informed by my update manager that the new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is available.  I have heard alot of nice things about it. But I am not sure whether I should update now, or wait just in case there are any bugs that need to be fixed.  That is my usual way of doing it, but usually by the time I get used to a new distribution.... another comes out.  This at least will be supported for 3 years.  But other than that, what other advantages does it have?  Will it keep all my settings on video, sound, etc. or will I have to reset them? Will my Skype work better, ie. web cam - better image? Or will it be worse? These are questions I'm sure we all face every time we want to update. Nobody likes to have to waste time reformatting, when they could be doing other things on their computers.  

I would appreciate any feedback on this.... In spite my attempts to continue learning ... I am still a newbie.  Technology being as it is, by the time I learn how something works... it changes.  Maybe I should spend more time with this. 

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