February 4, 2010

RabbitVCS: Finally, a decent version control client for Linux!

RabbitVCSI have been looking for a decent GUI client for Subversion on Linux for a long time.  I've tried sets of Nautilus scripts, NaughtySVN, ESvn, QSvn, SubdiverSVN, and probably a few others, but never found one that worked that well.  At work I unfortunately use Windows, but the client used on that is TortoiseSVN, probably the best known Subversion GUI client there is.  I wanted something that worked as well and comprehensively as that.  Now along comes RabbitVCS to solve this problem!

RabbitVCS is an open source set of graphical tools inspired by TortoiseSVN, which currently supports both Nautilus and Thunar file managers.  It also aims to support several version control system, with Git currently on the roadmap and others such as Mercurial and Bazaar probably not that far behind.

The latest version doesn't currently feature a repository browser, but this has been added to the recently released 0.13 beta.  Go check out the website at www.rabbitvcs.org

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