June 24, 2009

Security and Linux.com

Security obviously has a high priority everywhere within the modern computer industry. There is not a single day without security patches for our own beloved software and not a day without the news of a new virus taking over billions of Windows computers.

Security was also highlighted in the webspace not long ago when phpBB.com's password database got it's security compomized. The reason of it being compromized was a miss in comunications when the security problem in the phpBB system was detected. But that's really besides the point here.

 During an interview with one of the developers of phpBB on the R&D show at www.the.newgeekorder.com the importance of having secure passwords and not to use the same password on multiple plattforms. A password should contain letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters and be at the least eight characters long to be a secure password by todays standards. 

And this is where Linux.com comes into the picture. The password system that today is operating on Linux.com does not support special characters, thus making the system much more vulnerable to brute-force and rainbowtable attacks. Why is this? What Linux.com is aiming at is becomming the largest Linux hub on the net. The front page of Linux.

Wouldn't it be good if Linux.com was secure?

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